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Ed and Judy Civera

We met Monica through our builder Brandywine Developers prior to the construction of our home in Stone Harbor. We toured the beaches that would represent the views from our yet to be built home and then went to dinner with Monica and discussed art, life and our visions of our future home. We had fun and she listened to our thoughts and helped to define the architecture and decorating of the future house. We commissioned three paintings and Monica allowed us to participate in each painting’s development as the work progressed. Again, we had fun and the end products were three unique pieces of art that lift our spirits every time we look at them. The first is a 9 foot scene of the beach that we view from our upstairs eating area and family room. The second is a life guard stand, boat and setting sun that is hanging in our wine room and reminds us to relax and have a drink at the end of the day. The third is a unique metal etching of the wetlands. All the paintings have one of a kind framing and they are the centerpiece of our decorating. Monica has become good friends with us and as part of our contract negotiations, we still owe her two dinners. She is creative, very talented and most of all, lots of fun to work with!

Hank and Ann Marie Boggio

Monica is an amazing artist and person. We commissioned her to paint a portrait for our new Avalon home. We did not provide her with any direction since we wanted her to have creative freedom.  She spent time getting to know us and took many photos of our home. When she delivered the painting to us, we were absolutely thrilled. She Nailed It!!!!! The painting is amazing and we get tons of compliments on it. We also commissioned her to paint a portrait of our beloved pet who passed away. Once again, she completely captured his personality and gave us a beautiful memory. Monica is extremely talented and wonderful to work with.  

John and Sarah Schmader

Monica is a very creative artist. We are very pleased with all the paintings she has done for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to commission her…


We love the impact that this beautiful painting by Monica made in our home! Monica is wonderfully creative, talented and generous. Thank you for adding such alluring artwork to our home!

Sue Crovetti

Monica Zane is truly a fine artist. Her ability to incorporate what her client is looking for with her own perspective and the aesthetic space is remarkable. The Art she painted for us is definitely the focal point of our home and is often the subject of conversation among our guests. Monica’s work is incredibly lifelike ~ even evoking a sense of movement within the painting. We could not be more pleased about our experience working with Monica and the art she created for us.

Mike and Theresa Dolan

My husband and I have been purchasing artwork from Monica for over five years. Some we purchased that were already completed and some we commissioned her to do. Her artwork is in our Avalon house and our Florida house. We love every piece she has done for us. We highly recommend Monica. We will always go to her when we need a painting. She is wonderful to work with. You can’t go wrong.

Anne-Marie, Bud and Sammi

A few years ago, while walking past Monica’s studio, we saw a piece in progress that literally stopped us in our tracks.  This was our introduction to Monica Zane and weeks later we took home the finished product. Working with Monica Zane has been truly a wonderful creative experience.  Monica is a fun radiant person who loves the creative process.  Her artwork is detailed and vibrant.  She captures the essence of the moment and literally brings it to life for you to forever enjoy.  When you work with Monica, she spends time understanding what you want.  We recently commissioned her to paint a unique beach surfing scene.  We had several conversations where she drew out the essential aspects of our vision and then her magic begins.  The final outcome was beyond what we could have imagined.  She is personable, dedicated to her work, and unbelievably talented.  We often find ourselves stopping by to just see the next masterpiece she is working on and to just catch up on island life. 

Debbie Brown

We commissioned Monica for a portrait of our beloved dog, Mason. She spent time getting to know him and captured his personality beautifully. I cried when I first saw the portrait. It was more than we ever expected it to be. She knew how to portray his soulful eyes and soft fur. Sadly, he passed away about a year after the portrait was done so we’re filled with joy that we were able to have this perfect memory of him. We hang it proudly in our family room where we remember him fondly Thank you, Monica! You are so talented. We can’t wait to see your work again with our new dog’s portrait. 

Julie Donatelli

If you are looking for beautiful art for your home or office, look no further.  We have 3 of Monica’s paintings in our shore home and just love them!  We also love working with Monica.  We fell in love with a very large painting and Monica came to our home several times to make sure the installation was perfection! Monica truly loves being an artist- and it shows in her ease to work with and the final product-which you get to enjoy for years to come!

Michelle English

Monica Zane’s love for Avalon and Stone Harbor can be seen in all of her work.   She captured the beauty of our bay home and brought it to life in our great room.   She measures for size and framing and then personally comes to install.  

Robin Connor

Monica’s works of art are amazing. She took the time to deliver & help me hang the first piece I purchased from her. My original location for the piece did not work but she helped me find a better “home” & I love that location. I enjoyed working with her so much I asked her to commission a piece for me for a specific space. We worked together to get the right look for the space & the proper coloring. She really thought it through. When it was complete she came to hang it & tweak some points on the canvas to make it perfect. She is a wonderful person & quite an artist. I enjoyed working with her immensely.  

Katie Simons

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results from the paintings we commissioned from Monica!  Wanting Monica’s talent and natural abilities to shine, we gave her artistic liberty.  Monica really invested herself by questioning us about interests, decor style, preferences etc…spending time in the room, observing how the room would be used and honing her vision.  Soon the highly anticipated paintings were complete and the final outcome exceeded out expectations.  The paintings (which she hung herself!) fit our personality, room decor and the location to a tee.  Beautiful, calming and the object of many compliments.  Working with Monica, whom I am now honored to call a friend, was a real pleasure and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again or refer her to family.

Jennifer Barton

A True Artist, Monica’s love of nature is informed by her global experiences. Her work is visually stunning and adds warmth and positive energy to a space. When we first purchased our home we purchased her work immediately to personalize and transform our new environment. Over the years, we have added more of Monica’s paintings to our home and have discovered it is a joy to live among her work. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Monica too. We have commissioned her for ourselves and also as special gifts for friends.